Citizenship at CAS Rochester

At CSA Rochester, volunteering is the core of the school’s identity. Volunteerism is an incredibly enriching experience that benefits all students–personally, academically, and professionally.

As students participate in community-service opportunities, they become aware of issues facing their region, and by becoming an active part of the solution, they become more involved, caring citizens. By recognizing challenges and taking part in solving them, students become better problem solvers and gain real-life application experience. Such success typically leads to a can-do attitude that spreads to academic and work pursuits. In turn, colleges and workplaces view volunteerism as a positive and desirable characteristic in applicants. These student volunteers are seen as more dependable, responsible, able to follow instructions, and having intrinsic motivation. Students personally benefit as they develop a sense of pride that comes from seeing how their actions benefit their community. They may find that their volunteer experiences lead to fulfilling careers, as they discover skills they need to develop or observe an adult whose work and leadership they wish to emulate. Through volunteer experiences, students build a network of relationships and advisors who will strengthen their ties to the community and serve as references in the future. The combination of having volunteer experiences and building references can lead to significant scholarship opportunities as well. Studies indicate that students who participate in community service are more likely to become voters and continue involvement in their communities as problem solvers and active change agents.

As part of the Commitment Letter signed by our students and their guardians, each student must complete a total of 225 hours of community service during grades K-12 as a graduation requirement. The total requirement for graduation will be pro-rated based on the grade level that each student enters the school. All community services will be tracked as part of our online Student Information accessible to students and parents 24/7.


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